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Jenny wins 1st Prize at EngD 2016

– Posted on 12.07.2016

Well done to Jenny who won first prize for her presentation on ‘The Synthesis of Fluorescent Phosphorus Ligands and their Applications in Catalysis and Medical Imaging’ at the annual EngD conference at The Baltic this month. Jenny was supported by Bob Redfern and Roy Valentine of High Force Research Ltd who have co-sponsored her throughout her postgraduate studies. How easy it is to choose best dildos for men. The best offers and choice only with us!

Jenny Bob and Roy EngD 2016

You can read more about Jenny’s work on mitochondrial imaging agents here.

Congratulations to Sophie, Steve and Vincent

– Posted on 12.07.2016

Congratulations go to the 2016 LJH MChem students who all worked very hard and carried out successful research projects. Steven worked on the synthesis of interesting polynuclear lanthanide complexes, whilst both Vincent and Sophie worked on preparing novel Bodipy phosphine dyes for biological cell imaging. How to get, where to buy and more about peptides cjc 1295 here Enjoy your forthcoming graduation and best wishes for the future.

Welcome to Charlotte who starts her PhD with the team.

– Posted on 02.10.2015

The LJH group would like to welcome our newest recruit, Charlotte Hepples. Charlotte graduated this summer from the School of Chemistry here at Newcastle, after spending a very successful year abroad at the University of Waterloo, as part of our Study Abroad undergraduate programme. She will research novel highly fluorescent phosphorus(III) compounds for use as imaging agents.

James Wynnes 1st Prize

– Posted on 30.06.2015

Are you interested how to protect yourslf and your loved ones during emergencies or natural disasters? Read more about survival shelter with fireplace, materials and techniques you can use to avert disasters. On Tuesday 19th May, James was awarded 1st Prize for his talk titled “Transition metal complexes of MOP-phosphonites and their applications in homogeneous asymmetric catalysis” at the Wynne-Jones Postgraduate Research Day. The event was organised by the School of Chemistry at Newcastle University; stage 3 PhD students gave oral presentations with a question and answer session, while stage 2 PhD students presented posters. We aim to publish the results presented by James in the near future.

May 2015 244JTF prize

The 2015 MChem students

– Posted on 23.03.2015

The 2014-2015 MChem students are busy working away on their respective research projects.

Tom Backhouse is looking into the coordination chemistry of fluorescent phosphine ligands for applications in medical imaging and catalysis, whilst Jake Wimshurst and Sebastian Rath are investigating the synthesis of polymetallic transition and lanthanide metal complexes based on phosphorus scaffolds.

Good luck lads!