Sports Betting Terms And How To Bet On Sports

While betting lines (whether moneyline, spread, or over/under) are generally in the same range, there is some variance from bookie to bookie — as there should be. In fact, finding a sportsbook that prices more favorably should be a part of your decision-making process when selecting a bookmaker. The point spread is added to and subtracted from teams once the game is final to determine the winner. For wagering games between two evenly matched teams, or in cases where you are expecting a big upset by an underdog, the moneyline is where you want to look. Over/under goals markets are worth considering when it’s easier to predict whether a match will be a high or low-scoring affair than to predict the winner. Betting on football is one of the most popular types of sports bet but it can be tricky for fans unfamiliar with some of the terms.

Knowing when a bet is good to place is all about finding value in the market. It’s more than betting on who will win a game; it’s considering whether the price/odds of that team/player are truly representative of what is likely to play out. As the over/under goal markets are two-way markets you will see the markets presented in a decimal format such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc. This is done so there are no draws or refunds, you will either win or lose your bet. A very common point spread for the favored team is -6.5.

You need to open a full sports spread betting account to use the 2 x £5 free Total Goals football spread bets. Promotions available to 18+ aged individuals who are registered customers of Spreadex. Spreadex Ltd reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion as to whether or not to open account facilities for any prospective client.

If you bet the Dallas Cowboys to go over 9.5 wins and they go 10-6, cash that ticket. If you want a way to root for both teams to score — or root against both teams scoring — betting the total is the way to go. Or rushing yards per player or combined rushing yards by both teams in a game. You can even bet Over Under on number of turnovers or first downs or most other outcomes in a particular game. The -120 and +100 values you will see on football betting menus relate to the ‘price’ of each bet.

Live betting has become more popular in recent years, and much more widely available. Increased technology from the bookmaking side has increased their ability to offer these markets, and bettors often enjoy in-play betting. Fast pace and quickly changing odds create a dynamic environment that challenges both the bookmaker and the bettor. That’s how line shopping works, and it’s an important tool at your disposal if you want the greatest chance of winning over/under bets. The concept simply means checking the lines at all of the sportsbooks at your disposal and betting at the one that sells you the best line.

If you decide you want to settle your bet before the match has finished, which could have been placed before a game or even during play – this is called ‘Cashing Out’. Features such as what live odds are being offered and the price you of your original bet may be deciding factors in whether you wish to cash out. Players may even cash out when they’re not seeing a profit as a way of reducing losses. Not only does Unibet offer you some of the best odds in the industry, you can also gain access to live football streaming through Unibet TV’s live stream.

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