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The LJH research group strives to be an environment where both aspiring and experienced scientists can interact and work together on both fundamental and applied research, in the broad area of organometallic chemistry with a specific focus on organophosphorus developments. How easy it is to choose best dildos for men. The best offers and choice only with us!

We try to be interdisciplinary and collaborative in our approach; we have important and valuable collaborators in a number of countries including the UK, Sweden, France, Brazil and Japan, and the group is involved in a whole variety of applications which require expertise in medicinal, computational, fundamental, catalytic and materials chemistry. How to get, where to buy and more about peptides cjc 1295 here

Are you interested how to protect yourslf and your loved ones during emergencies or natural disasters? Read more about survival shelter with fireplace, materials and techniques you can use to avert disasters. As a result, we welcome applications from enthusiastic undergraduates, Erasmus students, postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers and fellows who can work in a flexible manner, often across subject areas – this means a positive outlook and a willingness to learn new material are the key attributes required to be successful in our team.

If you are interested in applying for a position in the group whatever your level of experience, please email: