What Are Totals And Over Under Bets?

If you believe that the total score will be less than 7.5, then you place the Under bet. If you believe that the score will be less than 36 points, you bet on the Under bet. In this case, you’re required to bet $110 to win $100, for a payback of 0.91 on every $1 that you bet. The extra $10 is the juice a.k.a. the vigorish that the bookmaker keeps for providing this bet to you. Whether you are betting on NBA over under odds, NHL over under odds, or other sports, and the over/under is exact, you will have your bets refunded to you. Statistics show that sports bettors are more likely to bet the “over” than “under”, simply because there are more possible outcomes that would lead to victory.

The point is that there can be a lot of value found on teams that are not considered to be very good. Being a fan and a football bettor are two different things. With spreads, you can’t just blindly bet on the best teams and think everything is going to work out. You have to find which teams are getting point-spreads that are out-of-line, meaning they are being undervalued. Know that Over/Under bets are placed on the combined score of both teams and are much simpler to place.

And indeed, if you simply want to bet on a match winner than that is very straightforward too. Yes, football is possibly the most straight-forward sport on the planet. After all, the players simply have to kick the ball in the goal more times than their opposition.

So any scoreline with under 3 goals would win, such as 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, or 2-0. All goals scored by both sides are included in the outcome of deciding whether the bet is a winner or not. Below are the betting sites that offer the highest over/under 1.5 goals betting odds.

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It’s important to learn the house rules for each sportsbook regarding parlays before placing the best. Although some TN laws and regulations govern these wagers, some aspects will differ from one book to the next. An example of this is sportsbooks letting you cash out your bet early. The house rules on this can differ greatly, and whether or not doing so would benefit you is another element of risk. To continue using our example, let’s say the Volunteers’ opponent in this game is Vanderbilt.

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